Coaching schedule

This is a rough schedule for coaching each year. If you are interested and would like to know more, contact the coaching co-ordinator ( or club secretary.

Enquiries phone 03 249 6664 or email

When What


October thru December

Better Sailing Skills

For those that have already achieved a basic level of sailing competence through at least Learn to Sail 1


End January to end March

Learn to Sail 1, Learn to Sail 2

The more settled summer weather after Christmas is the ideal time to start learning to sail through LTS1 or to progress on to LTS2


Learning to Sail

Yachting New Zealand Learn to Sail Courses for adults and children are scheduled during the season. The courses are ten weeks long on Monday nights. Sessions usually start at 5 pm with finishing times varying depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Training is a mixture of practical exercises in the club house and time on the water in the Club's fleet of dinghies.

Learn to Sail Courses are available for non-members at a cost of around $50 for ten lessons and are an excellent introduction to sailing and the Club.

Coaching and Racing

Weekend coaching and training sessions are also arranged for Club members. We draw on the expertise of our members, but also bring in guest coaches.

Throughout the season, there is an extensive racing calendar with a number of weekend fixtures both at the club and further afield.

Watch the Marakura Facebook page for up-coming events.